Puffy skies and golden wheat in the rolling landscape of the Alberta prairie.

Full moon at 6:58 AM this morning. Faint glow from the sun casting magenta hues onto the clouds. Around Vernon, British Columbia

Storm clouds over Oyama as seen from Kekuli Bay, British Columbia.

Autumn Delights when the fog has lifted on Otter lake Armstrong BC Canada.

Autum Delights of Otter lake. Early morning fog and fall colours what a great combination. Around Armstrong, BC, Canada

Morning coffee sitting on the shores of Echo lake in British Columbia with nothing but the sounds of loons cruising the lake. Natures art inspires!

Colours, oh those colours of the Aberdeen Basalt columns near Vernon.

Colours, oh those colours of the Aberdeen Basalt columns near Vernon.

The Aberdeen columns are just in my backyard and a favorite with climbers coming from all over the world to them. The polygonal basalt are columnar jointing and are a geological structure where sets of intersecting closely spaced fractures join in columns. Lichen cover select areas of the rocks in incredible colours.

Silverstar village in the Interior of British Columbia has numerous colorful building throughout. A refreshing view from the usual subdue building schemes

Lovingly neglected, nurtured by the environment, caressed by the weather and framed by autumn. Now if this old barn could talk about the people and critters that passed through it in time, I am sure we would hear many a wonderful story.

A gorgeous sunset over Vernon British Columbia looking towards Pukeashun mountain in the Monashee range.

4:39 AM solitude! Not so much when an owl hooting wakes you at 3:30 AM. I made it to the beach with a cup of brew and watched for the sun rise. Lupines, lake and snowcapped mountains. And life around you is waking up... Arrow Lakes, British Columbia.

Famous for it's salmon runs

Looking out onto Okanagan Lake from Adventure Bay and the cloud play over Terrace mountain.