About me

About Me

Often in life we are blinded by the multi stimuli of our primal senses. We fail to see the things around us. I am inspired by the things around me – the way a branch grows out of a tree, the shape of a leaf, artwork, and sometimes even a movie. Architecture is yet another medium which, if envisioned on varying scales, can yield some interesting views.

As an artist, my sense and direction have gone from a strictly utilitarian purpose to a form of expression that figuratively speaks to people, without sacrificing the purpose of the visual media to inspire, reflect and calm.

Creating those "moments" to remember is a joy, especially if it's reflected in the viewers eyes.

I have been taking images in one form or another since my early teens. I just recently started sharing my outdoor images with the public at large. In 2020 my image “For Me” won first place in the SPCA 2020 Wildlife-in-Focus photography contest.

Published in 2022, the book "Smoke and Ash" features some of my images. More details are at: https://globalnews.ca/news/8636262/vernon-bc-wildfires-smoke-and-ash-book/

My images have been featured in recognized national and international publications, soft and hard cover books.

Some of those publications are:

Canadian Cowboy, Western Sportsman, Cottelli (Italy), American Handgunner, Biker, Knives Illustrated, Blade Magazin, Messer Magazin (Germany) and such coffee table books as "Art of the Knife (USA), Art of Steel (Germany)".

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